Celebrate Life - Audio CD

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Celebrate Life: 

Values are timeless wisdom expounded in the simplest of words.  Mahatria has been mentoring hundreds of thousands of people in holistic living through life-transforming discourses.  Here are a set of values that gets expounded by Mahatria in this discourse which has enabled many seekers to celebrate life and also be a cause for celebration.


 - Is your life Holistic?
 - Let your peace go on.
 - Life leadership.
 - What you do with what you have.
 - Decide and begin.
 - Process excellence.
 - Easy or right?
 - Redundant roles.
 - You hit what you see.
 - Become the master.
 - I deserve abundance.
 - Do it long enough.

Total Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes