Holistic Abundance - DVD

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Holistic Abundance: 

"The child of a king cannot be a beggar.  You, as a child of God, deserve holistic abundance," says Mahatria.  We deserve abundance in our lives - how to achieve this?  In this spontaneous oration, Mahatria gives a practical mantra which has brought enormous difference in the lives of people.  This DVD has helped many to grow materialistically and spiritually, providing Most and more in all aspects of life.


 - Your life expands
 - You deserve the best
 - Be one above the crowd
 - Feel rich, Feel grateful
 - Get the being right
 - Day by day holistic abundance
 - Most and more
 - Responsibility to be rich
 - To love and to be loved
 - Abundance of Bliss

Total Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes