Flow with the Flow - Celestial Music

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Flow with the Flow: 

There is no 'there' to reach. No end. No Beginning.
Just a flow... a perennial flow. 
Let's experience a life of abundance, love and bliss as we flow with
Mahatria's voice blended with celestial music. 

The tracks are:
1. infiniprayer
2. Flowing with Abundance
3. Flowing with Love
4. Flowing with Bliss
5. Flowing with Fulfillment 
6. Flowing with the Flow
7. Flowing with Gratitude

Celestial Music:
Celestial music is a genre created by infinitheism to give a transcendental experience to the listener.  When you lose yourself to the music, you gain something from the beyond.  On listening to this, many have experienced an inexplicable bliss and peace.