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Most and more: 

Reading ‘Most and more opens up several new avenues of hope, abundance and possibilities. Mahatria, the author of the book shares the wisdom He has gained through a lifetime of research with His readers in an enthralling story format. He guides us to a path of success and happiness through simple implementable life techniques and makes us realize the significance of small and big things in our life. This is a must read for anyone who is looking to grow in all the dimensions of life – personal, professional, or psychological. 

‘Most and more’ is gaining a lot of appreciation from leaders of the corporate world for its lucid language and relatable examples. This book is an ideal gift which provides growth to the individual and the leader in any organization.


Dedicated to every soul who is striving to lift himself / herself and in turn, lift the world.

“If you keep doing the same stuff,

you will keep getting the same results.

If you have to achieve what you haven’t achieved before,

then you must be willing to do

what you have never done before.

If you walk the path everyone walks,

you will only reach where everyone reaches.

If you have to reach where no one has reached before,

then you must be willing to do

what no one has done before.

A breakthrough necessitates break with.

Pathbreakers become pathfinders.

Abundance is your birthright.

You deserve Most and more.

And, there is a way.”

- Mahatria