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Edited and published by Mahatria, is more than a magazine.  It is an awakening. Management, Selling, Spirituality, Religion & Science, Relationship, Marriage, Parenting, Adolescence, Psychology, Finance, Health, Clarity in thinking, Stress management, and the science of living - every aspect of life finds place in infinithoughts.  

One of the unique features of infinithoughts is explaining profound aspects of life in simple language, by reading and assimilating the values one can experience phenomenal transformation in life.  Destiny Designing is the lead article (in other magazines it is referred to as the cover story) in which 
Mahatria explains a profound aspect of life in the simplest form.   Other regular columns include the Question and Answer pages wherein Mahatria answers the questions from readers on various aspects of life - spiritual, emotional and material.

During the past twelve years, the readership for infinithoughts has been increasing steadily.  The present readership is estimated at around 500,000 per month across the globe.  infinithoughts today travels to 35 countries, making a difference to every human life it touches.

Month after month people write Boomerang (the readers’ feedback column in infinithoughts) saying how infinithoughts has helped them in getting organised, maintaining emotional poise, achieve and reset their goals, in parenting, in their spiritual growth, and a Most and more… of everything.  Readers repeatedly write how infinithoughts takes them Higher, Deeper and Beyond in their spiritual quest.  People normally say that a magazine is interesting to read or provides useful information or tips.  But, infinithoughts is the only magazine for which the readers express their gratitude.