Science of Vibrations - Audio CD

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Science of Vibrations: 

Why a few amidst us reach the pinnacle of success and glory much faster with minimum effort as against others who struggle? The science behind such miraculous growth and how each of us can reach there is explained in this DVD, which is a recording of the oration of Mahatria, during the 11/11/11 convention when he divined the path of infinitheism.


 - In the realm of spirituality there are no divisions.
 - Human and existential hierarchy.
 - Scientific and spiritual laws of energy.
 - Why do we need a spiritual source?
 - Why places of worship are required?
 - Doing to be punctuated with enough non-doing.
 - Enhance the quality of your being by practicing non-doing.
 - Do not miss the spiritual component of your life.
 - What is spiritual growth?

Total Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes